My life’s commitment is to live in a diverse community where people have choices for affordable housing and legal aid for the needy, for good jobs and small business ownership, and for excellent public schools. I want Berkeley to remain a city fashioned by all – for all, a community where middle and working class families can establish a home and strong roots. 

I know we can do this by looking deeply at what sustainability means: 

  •  It means supporting small businesses viability in our neighborhoods and downtown since they contribute to economic stability over the long haul.    Should the city examine the regulations that help, not hinder?

  •  It means easing the affordable housing shortage with alternatives such as Accessory Dwelling Units, where people can age in their homes or move in closer to their family.  What is needed to make these alternatives work?

  •  It means ensuring our public schools’ excellence so that not only my children but yours as well can attain a critical educational foundation that does not bankrupt families.   What can the city do to maintain that goal?

  •  It means paying attention to how we all can contribute even in small ways to environmental awareness and do our part to guarantee that our children will inherit a viable world.      What ideas can we contribute as  community actions?

I believe strongly in developing long-term strategic goals, but ones that include a larger context than just allocating funds for a model city that only a few think important. Transparent budget planning is critical to ensure all citizens can live and raise families within a caring community that is also sustainable economically.

Let’s face it: most of us work every day and struggle to pay bills. And, thus, all our voices will help the city move toward that full sustainability.

 If you agree, I would like to represent your ideas, your voices, your vision.